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Welcome to Beyond The Mill Studio Design. With almost 30 years in the business, we have been recognized as the place to go for those seeking quality home furnishings. Formerly Olde Mill Furniture & Design in Ashburn, VA -- Beyond The Mill Studio Design, is now servicing Northern, VA | Clifton, VA | Southwest, FL | Sarasota, FL. BTM Design is a full-service interior design company, offering beautifully hand-crafted furniture, kitchen and bath design, full scale layouts and home design of custom window treatments, bedding, unique home home decor, rugs & accent furnishings —designed and customized to meet your specifications and budget. At Beyond The Mill, you will find an eclectic mix of unique high- end home furnishings and stylish accent pieces all displayed in a relaxed, easy to shop atmosphere. In this world of sameness, of trendy and disposable, you will experience a different kind of place all together when you work with us at Beyond The Mill. Your Home | Your Style | Your Way — Book your appointment today! ** Please note, we are often out of the studio on design appointments. Leave us a message or send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible. **

Working through design ideas for some custom fabrication of room dividers, and look who wanted to help! 😊 So-So cute!! #beyondthemilldesign #interiordesignstudio #creativedesigns #metalworks #thinkoutofthebox #customdesigner @ Sarasota, Florida

Styling in Florida is Ohhhh So Fun & different than in NoVa. Who knew ... loving this contemporary vibe!! 😊 #interiordesignlife #beyondthemilldesign #stagingworks #floridastyle #contemporarydesigns @ Longboat Key, Florida

Love, Love, Love these tailored window panels. No matter where you live - - it’s quality and style that make window treatments (and homes) more beautiful!

Beyond The Mill Design

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Beyond The Mill Design

Our recent High Point trip was focused on coastal design clients ... a fresh & fun lifestyle is irresistible ! ☀️

This fresh, bright and welcoming foyer speaks “happy space” to all who enter. #freshdesigns #interiorinspiration #beyondthemilldesign #interiordesignstudio #newdayfreshstart ☀️ @ Longboat Key, Florida

This week’s Tuesday Trend is focusing on the Sherwin Williams Color of 2020 - NAVAL. This versatile color is hitting homes all over, from coastal design to traditional spaces. Based on Sherwin Williams color creators and designers, Navy can be seen from ‘the nights sky to the depths of the sea.” We are bringing nature indoors with this color. Even with it’s deep, rich color, Naval is the color you will find that exhibits inner peace, tranquility and overall wellness.

Sherwin Williams also shares, that “2020 places importance on biophilia - the intrinsic need as humans to interact with nature.” Whether your home is on the peaceful ocean shore or in the great green woods, Naval is sure to create a natural refuge.

You will find Naval used in various spaces in the home - in particular, rich kitchen cabinets, deep accent bedroom walls, bathroom spaces and you will even find accent pieces painted with this beautiful color. Navy has been around forever you say? Well, not like this. Sherwin Williams Naval is helping ground your home and create your own personal getaway from the everyday stressors in life.

This color also pairs nicely with a few other Sherwin Williams colors - Tarnished Trumpet, Midday and Kale Green. All sticking to the earth friendly color scheme and biophilia. Think naturalistic design.

Interested in the 2020 Color of the Year - NAVAL? Check out the Sherwin Williams website below to view this gorgeous color and even see it live in a space!

Need help with color choices, contact us for paint consolations today - 703-729-2625

**PHOTO CREDIT - Sherwin Williams**

So fun meeting Elaine, hearing about her New Orleans roots and seeing her beautiful art!! Can’t wait to see these on our clients walls!! #beautifulart #beautifulpeople #beyondthemilldesign #interiorspaces #highpointfurnituremarket @ The Suites At Market Square

Embracing a fresh, new, Florida design style ... and loving it!! #beyondthemilldesign #interiordesigngoals #coastalinteriors #sunshinecoastliving #creativeinteriors #customdesigned

Good Morning! This week's Tuesday Trend is 'FALL' for These Trends.

This Fall is BOLD, DEEP and BRAVE. Some of the top Fall 2019 Trends are some of our favorites and we are happy to share them with you.

Deep & Dark - On trend this 2019 Fall season are deep dark colors. What used to be intimidating is making it’s way into homes in accent furniture, art and home decor - it’s the color BLACK. Black creates a sleek look with a modern feel. To counterbalance to deep hue, pair with lighter creams and neutrals. Even black kitchens are making there way into homes, people are choosing to go BOLD and we are loving it!

Jewel Tones - In addition to the deep dark hue from above, jewel tones are taking the stage in the interior design industry this fall. These colors have popped up in recent seasons and aren't leaving quite yet. Think emeralds, amethysts, rich reds and pinks. Go bold with an accent wall or keep it simple with an accent piece like a sofa or case piece.

Shine On - Pops of brass, gold and copper are making their way into homes as well. Creating an elegance that is not just a current trend, but one that can stand the test of time. Add these metal elements to add glam to a space. Whether it be a beautiful chandelier, the legs of a modern dining chair or just the simplicity of the pulls on a case piece, adding these elements are a must.

Geometric Goods - The last ,and definitely not least, of the Fall 2019 trends are geometric patterns. This fall, the more geo the better. Geometric patterns can be found in upholstery, rugs, artwork, tile work and more. Go bold and mix those talked about jewel tones with geometric patterns in your home - the options are endless.

Contact us today to learn more on how to add these elements to your home - 703-729-2625

Color of the Year 2020 - Sherwin-Williams Colormix Forecast 2020

We are beyond excited about next years Color of the Year 2020! Take a look ... On the horizon between ocean and evening sky rests a color of infinite calmness. Announcing Naval SW 6244, the 2020 Sherwin-Williams Color of the Year. Come navigate this brave blue world and find a place to hang your stars.

[09/23/19]   If you ever find yourself
In the wrong story ...


Sharing another year of our creative designs ... so blessed to be doing what we do!

Not ready to say goodbye to summer ... ❤️my Longboat life! ☀️

This week's Tuesday Trend is COASTAL CALLING. We are hanging on to summer by a thread and with that comes coastal inspiration. Whether it is your summer home, vacation home or your forever home, these few trends are making a breakthrough in the interior design industry. Get inspired, feel the warmth of the sun and sound of the waves while following along.
- Bold & Beautiful Tile - The first coastal trend is the usage of BOLD tiles. Whether it be in the kitchen or bathroom, bold colors, patterns and textures are works of art. The use of glass tile can add a softer feel, which everyone loves in the summer!
- Statement Front Door - Curb appeal is important in a home. It is the very first thing everyone sees when first approaching your home and it is a great opportunity to wow everyone, including yourself. Using a bold color with an uplifting feel can elicit those coastal vibes. Use bold teals, blues and even shades of yellow.
- Wow with Wallpaper - Fun wallpaper, like the coral shown in the photo from York Wallpaper is a great pop for a coastal home. Just enough pattern to capture the eye, but subtle enough to not overtake the space. Using coastal color wallpaper can bring the outdoors inside - these colors include greens, blues, coral and yellows. But, don't be intimidated by these colors. There are many different shades that give you the colors you want without overpowering the home.
- Vibrant Yellows - When you think of yellow, you may think of the sun. The sun brings on feelings of happiness, joy and energy. Right now, yellow is a top color of Coastal Homes for 2019. Using this color for accent walls, bedding, accent furniture and so much more is on trend. As said before, certain colors can be intimidating to use in a home, but there are different shades that can be more appropriate for different spaces.
- Going Raw - Raw material is classified as the basic material from which a product is made. Using raw materials in a coastal home is very on trend right now. Honestly using raw materials in any home is extremely desired. You will find materials like driftwood, wood paneling, wicker, rattan and much more. These raw elements once again bring the outdoors in and give you a feel of nature. Coastal design is about relaxation and a getaway!
We have designed multiple coastal homes and find great joy in bringing these designs to life. Knowing someone can escape to a costal retreat is the best. Do you love this way of design or do you have a vacation home you would like help with? Contact us today and let us help you create your COASTAL CALLING | 703-729-2625

We are getting excited to see this comfy & casual style come together in a forever home!! 🙂

On a #mission and feeling inspired!! 😉 @ Arlington, Virginia

Help us decide ... what’s your choice for a small powder room? A or B

It is bittersweet to be wrapping up this swanky redo in Leesburg, Va. Classic, Traditional lines with bright new updates to this beautiful Lansdowne home. Looking forward to a springtime basement project next ... stay tuned!! #beyonddesign #custominteriors #interiordesign #beautifulhomes #jdavisdesigns #lovemyjob❤ @ Leesburg, Virginia

#designerslife#beyondthemilldesign #interiordesignstudio #lightingsolutions

Exciting times when picking up custom cabinetry from our finisher, we just fit it all in!! Phew 😅 #customfurnituredesign #interiordesignstudio #beyondthemilldesign #customkitchens #custombathroom #lovemyjob

Home Insider

How fun are these designs. Admittedly, basements really are fun to design !! 😊

This contractor designs next-level basements.

Watch more from HOME INSIDER on Snapchat Discover:

Who wouldn’t love waking up in this bedroom!! ❤️

Think Fri-day!!! 🙂

Longboat Key Life !! ❤️

Looking forward to seeing our next basement project in this Chevron pattern ... so fun!! #beautifulfloors #customhomedesign #beyondthemilldesign #interiordesigngoals

Excited to see this kitchen come together in its classic style. Stay tuned 😲#beyondthemilldesign #kitchendesign #classic #beautifulhome #interiordesignerlife #qualityoverquantity @ Sarasota, Florida

Detail & Design ... it’s what draws you in and makes you feel welcome.

Forgot to post little Maya 😘

Wrapped up a wonderful work week in Virginia - renovating a Kitchen, Family Room, Living Room & spending time w/ little Maya 😘 Clients returning home to some fun surprises after vacation! Here’s a little sneak peek ... more to come once they see it. #kitchendesigns #beyondthemilldesign #interiordesignerlife #kitchendesignideas #designerstyle #dowhatyouloveandlovewhatyoudo #jdavisinteriordesigns @ Loudoun County, Virginia

How awesome is this basement going to be to live & play in. Can’t wait to get this demo started!! #design-build #beyondthemilldesign #interiordesigner #luxuryinteriors #luxurylife #extravagantdesigns #basementremodel @ Loudoun County, Virginia

How’s your Tuesday going? It’s HOT so we thought it was time to share some cool spaces!! 😎 @ Rebohoth Beach

Look how comfy this Pine Cone Hill bedding is ... even our animals love it!! 🙂

Should be a fun week in our beach house construction project. Let the drywall begin!! #customdesign #beachhome #interiordesign #homebuilding #renovationproject #floridadesign #destinationdesign #beyondthemilldesign @ Sarasota, Florida

Updating a beautiful home a fresh new look with painted walls, new furniture and the updated accents can make all the difference. Creating warm and inviting spaces is what we do @beyondthemilldesign #interiordesignerslife #customizedesign #interiordesignstudio #homedecor #homesweethome #beyondthemilldesign @ Fairfax County, Virginia

Love the beauty of natural wood!!

Celebrating some of our favorite RED, WHITES & BLUES this 4th of July! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Without changing everything we created a bright new kitchen for this client — Clean lines, Bright new Cabinetry & Lighting, stylish stone details, and completely customized for a fresh new look !! Love seeing things come together so well for our clients homes. #BEYONDTHEMILLDESIGN #kitchenenvy #customdesignyourhome #happyclients

Inspiring bathroom designs you’ll love to look at and live in! #beyondthemilldesign #creativedesign #interiordesign #masterbathroom #homeinteriors

Cleaning out some project files and came across another favorite! #renovation #interiordesign #creatingbeautifulspaces #beforeandafter #beyondthemilldesign

Virginia on a beautiful summer day is the BEST!! 👍🏻

This week’s Tuesday Trend is 70’ SENSATIONS. Summer of 2019 is the summer of 70’s interior design revivals. Though there are some trends that should just stay back in their era, here are some design elements that we are welcoming into homes, no matter your design style. With an updated feel, each trend sparks joy of the 70’s, yet still fits with this decade.

- Wood Mid-Century Furniture - Clean lines and modern design can describe this trend. You will find more and more of this in interior design. Mimicking the style of the 70’s, these pieces have geometric doors/cabinetry, come in various woods like a 1970’s favorite - pine wood and can be painted bold 70’s colors like orange/terra-cotta, yellow and purple. Deeper stains are also making a comeback - like deep mahogany.

- Shag Rugs - Oh the shag rug! Did you know that in the 1970’s the shag rug was often the epitome of luxury. These rugs are making their comeback in the best way possible. With more plush, comfortable and durable properties, you will find shag rugs in rooms all over homes. Rug companies all over are creating collections just centered around different types of shag rugs. From polyester blends to plush cotton, shag rugs are made for every design - rugs can also come in different piles for different spaces.

- Macrame Planters & Wall Hangs - The 70’s was a very ‘naturesque’ time frame - focusing on the outdoors and free spiritedness. A VERY popular trend right now are macrame planters, hangers and wall decor. Macrame is a unique from of art and a textile that is created by a knotting method. It stems back to the 13th Century and for many years was actually crafted by sailors to hold store and hide materials. Macrame has made it’s comeback in interior design through hanging wall planters, wall tapestries and even designs on pillows and furniture. It’s art brings the nature indoors and adds an element on tranquility & peace.

- Geometric Tiles - Bold, Bold, Bold - those were the 70’s. Geometric times were found in homes, from the bathroom to the kitchen to the foyer. The bolder the pattern and colors, the better. Geometric tiles are currently becoming more prominent in interior design. Some popular patterns include - hexagonal, honeycomb, subway and mosaic.

Do you love the 70’s? Not so sure? Well, this decade is one to remember, especially in interior design. Embrace mid-century, the bold, the shag, nature and so much more when designing. Contact us today and let us help you bring the 70’s back into your home - in the best way possible.

This new business plan of working in Virginia, North Carolina and Florida has been challenging at times, but having a few more Saturdays like this are pretty nice for sure! Hope your weekend is going great too!! #designerlife #balancinglife #interiordesign #beyondthemilldesign #workandplay #saturdayvibe

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