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Welcome to Beyond The Mill Studio Design. With almost 30 years in the business, we have been recognized as the place to go for those seeking quality home furnishings. Formerly Olde Mill Furniture & Design in Ashburn, VA -- Beyond The Mill Studio Design, is now servicing Northern, VA | Clifton, VA | Southwest, FL | Sarasota, FL. BTM Design is a full-service interior design company, offering beautifully hand-crafted furniture, kitchen and bath design, full scale layouts and home design of custom window treatments, bedding, unique home home decor, rugs & accent furnishings —designed and customized to meet your specifications and budget. At Beyond The Mill, you will find an eclectic mix of unique high- end home furnishings and stylish accent pieces all displayed in a relaxed, easy to shop atmosphere. In this world of sameness, of trendy and disposable, you will experience a different kind of place all together when you work with us at Beyond The Mill. Your Home | Your Style | Your Way — Book your appointment today! ** Please note, we are often out of the studio on design appointments. Leave us a message or send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible. **

This week’s Tuesday Trend is inspired by the Sherwin Williams Market Paint Color Collections of 2019. We are naming it COLOR WONDER. We love working with Sherwin Williams and their color collections are great when designing any space. These collections that they have put together break down spaces from residential, commercial, educational, hospitality and much more. We have chosen a few of our favorites from each collection. To view the collections in their entirety visit

COMMERCIAL COLOR COLLECTION - Sweet Retreat - This sub group of this collection is characterized classic pastels and soft color. These colors illicit a light and airy feel that make an office feel more relaxed and an “at home” feel.

HOSPITALITY COLOR COLLECTION - Eclectic Exploration - This sub group of this collection is bold, bright and exciting. These colors provide an energized feeling and are meant to be uplifting, yet inviting. Think your vacation in a warm destination, with lots of color and warmth.

HEALTHCARE COLOR COLLECTION - Connected Calm - This sub group of this collection is exactly what it sounds like. These colors promote calmness and tranquility. They also promote comfort and relaxation while in a place like a hospital, doctors office or waiting room.

EDUCATIONAL COLOR COLLECTION - Nurtured Nature - This sub group of this collection are natures colors brought indoors. This neutral pallete is soft and organic; encouraging focus and learning in the classroom or facility.

MULTI-FAMILY COMMUNITIES COLOR COLLECTION - Outdoor Reflection - This sub group of this collection is another nature inspired collection; bringing the outdoors in. As Sherwin Williams puts it, “these colors express freedom and feeling of serenity.”

So, what do all these collections have to do with Interior Design? When choosing colors for your home, workspace, etc., it is very important to think about what that space is for, how it is going to make you feel and what you are trying to promote. No matter where you are painting, color has a strong affect on feeling, emotions and personality. So when choosing colors be sure to choose the right ones. Here at Beyond The Mill we offer Color Consultations and are happy to help in the color choosing process, contact us today - 703-729-2625

This week's Tuesday Trend is - Light It Up! Lighting is something you will find in every home, but the RIGHT lighting is key. At the High Point Spring Market, lighting was all over, from chandeliers to table lamps and brass to rustic wood, showrooms dazzled with the works of art. One often wouldn't think it, but lighting is just that, a work of art. Here are some reasons why we love lighting and think you should too, as well of lightning tips.
- The focal point, not the whole room. - A lighting fixture, like a chandelier or even pendant lighting, should be a focal point of a space. It shouldn't take up the entire space though; and even more, it shouldn't be too small. It is important to measure where the piece will hang and what it is above to ensure proper sizing; always consider what lies beneath. It is a rule of thumb to make sure there is at least 7 feet of clearance below your chandelier. When hanging above a dining table specifically, with an approximate 8 foot ceiling you will want to hang the chandelier 30-34" over the table itself. These little tips can help ensure visual appeal and balance.
- Style is Key. - When choosing a light fixture, be sure to choose one that coordinates with your design scheme. It can be ok to mix certain styles, like transitional with a traditional space to add a little flair, but it is important not to deviate too far from the feel of the space.
- Design Around the Light. - Sometimes it can help to choose your lighting and then design a space/room layout based on what you have chosen.
- Don't Light Design on a Dime. - If possible, try to splurge a little on the lighting. If a space is complete with gorgeous pieces and cheaper looking lighting, it more often that not, shows. As said above, it can be beneficial to plan your space around the lighting, that way it is included early in the budget.
Lighting can be the sparkle of the room, the jewelry, the essence. So make it count. When designing a space, choosing the lighting can often be a challenge because choosing the perfect piece is key. Lighting can brighten the space with more than just light itself, it can brighten it will the design. Contact us with questions on lighting and what would best suit your space!

FAVORITES FROM THIS YEARS HIGH POINT SHOW. Admittedly, “project shopping” is very different than retail store shopping, but we are looking forward to seeing these pieces in all the homes they’ve been chosen for!

So many great options coming out with window treatment fabrics & hardware. Makes our projects simpler and often more cost effective for our clients. Love these classic looks !!

Launching at #HPMkt: Quick Ship Hardware Sets

Seattle Woodworker Creates Stunning Bathtubs Using Marine Technology

Simply amazing to be able to create something so beautiful! For those of you who love to relax in the Bathtub ... could it get any better than this, I think not! 🙂 Nathie Katzoff of NK Woodworking is turning the wooden bathtub into a work of art.

Insider Presents

Sometimes we forget how much goes into crafting the details of our homes. That $15-20 charge for tile sheets doesn’t seem so high now does it? Made in CA too!!

This is how mosaic glass tiles are made.

This week's Tuesday Trend is Refinish, Re-upholster, Refine. These ideas and concepts are something, that as designers, we feel strongly about. It is important when designing to give a space a fresh start with new furniture, pieces and layouts, but at times it can be important to keep pieces that mean so much to us. Or maybe you want to spend a little more money on another part of the design, so saving a little money is appealing. This is what we call 'refinish, re-upholster, refine'. We believe that pieces with good, solid structure can be refinished or re-upolstered and reused in a space. We love saving our clients money where we can and helping them reuse pieces that are heirlooms or favorites. Not to mention, refinishing furniture, cabinetry and other wood pieces is on high trend right now. But, it is important to refinish the right way or else you might run into issues. Here at Beyond The Mill we are experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to the correct ways to refinish - it addition to that knowledge we work with skilled and trained professionals who are experts at refinishing and reupholstering. Here are some ideas that we like to offer our clients.
- REFINISHING WOOD FURNITURE - Think your grandmother's old armoire that has been in the family for years, or that solid oak table that needs a facelift. These pieces may no longer 'fit' with a new, updated design, but they can! It is important though, when refinishing your favorite piece of furniture, to make sure it is solid wood. Trying to refinish a piece that is not solid wood can ruin the piece itself. Refinishing can hide unwanted wear and tear. Or, if you want a piece to look older/worn, adding distressing or a rub thru would be a great refinish. The term refinishing doesn't always have to mean 'looking new'. When refinishing furniture thought, it is important to remember that there is a process.
- RE-UPHOLSTERING - Seeing a reupholstered piece is like seeing a chair, sofa and even ottoman come back to life. Taking an outdated dining chair and popping on a fresh new transitional fabric can renew your dining set. Fall in love with that old chair in your family room that everyone loves to sit it, but it just doesn't match your new decor. It is ok, because you can add a warm, new, inviting fabric that recreates your favorite piece. Be aware though that sometimes new fabric isn't all a piece needs. Sometimes you may need new padding, filling or springs, so just be prepared when updating.
We hope this concept of 'refinish, re-upholster, refine' can put your mind at ease when trying to figure out a 'space' for that old, tattered heirloom. One of the most exciting parts of design for us as designers is using our client's existing pallet. Our goal is to bring a client's style to life - and that includes their existing furniture as well!

The planning stage is one of the most unique parts of the experience when renovating and re-designing spaces in your home. Not only can we as designers use our creative talents, but it visually brings a homeowners dream to life for the first time. Always a favorite for me!! 🙂

This week's Tuesday Trend is 'Fabulous Fabrics'. Fabric is seen all over a home. From pillows to window treatments, sofas and chairs, different types of fabric are used for different places. With such a rise in demand, many fabrics are being designed, improved and enhanced for interior design needs. Designers are spending more time creating both beautiful & functional fabrics. Below are some of the top fabrics right now and some differences to keep in mind.
- Patterns vs. Prints - A patterned or printed fabric has character, is a piece of art and can tell a story. Bold fabrics can anchor a space and bright fabrics can make a piece pop. As interior designers we love patterns and prints and fabric companies all over are creating thousands of options. It is important to know though that there is a difference when referencing a 'patterned' or a 'printed' fabric. A patterned fabric is one that is woven into the fabric or embroidered. The pattern can be anything from a floral to a geometric repetition. A print then is not woven into the fabric, but instead printed onto the fabric using various printing methods. So to help, think of patterns as sewing-like process and printing like printing something from your printer at home. These words are often used interchangeably, but it is important to know the difference.
- Crypton & Revolution Fabrics - These fabrics are a designers & clients' dream. And with more and more up and coming colors and patterns, these are very sought after. These fabrics are durable, high usage fabrics that are great with kids, pets and everyday use. They are easy to clean and can give the client peace of mind when bringing them into the home. With these fabrics, gone are the days of covering the dining chairs or only letting people in the formal living room on special occasions. We love these fabrics and their quality.
- Velvets - Some people get quite intimidated when thinking of velvets or velvet-like fabrics. Some people think of the 70's or even up scale design, but Velvets are back and we believe are here to stay. With so many blends and types, the soft velvet fabrics can be used in numerous places around your home. Some new synthetic blends are even making it possible for velvets to easily clean and withstand high usage. Velvets can be soft, elegant fabrics that take a space to the next level.
There are thousands, even millions of fabrics out there and it is important to know which type(s) are best for your home, space and lifestyle. Contact us today to refresh, renew and add to your home with our knowledge and fabric resources - 703-729-2625 -

Photo Credit & Information - Greenhouse Fabrics

Don’t forget, tonight is daylight savings ... Spring forward!!

Beyond The Mill Designs made by hand #canaldoverfurniture #custommade

Florida living ... doesn’t get better than this!! ☀️

Another beautiful day in Designer Paradise (longboat Key). Keeping the BTM Design dream alive. 😉

Beyond The Mill Design's cover photo

Beyond The Mill Design's cover photo

This week's Tuesday Trend is VINTAGE VICTORIES. In this post we will honor those vintage staples in interior design that are making a huge comeback in the design world. Two definitions of 'vintage' are as follows, "the time that something of quality was produced" & "denoting something of high quality, especially something from the past or characteristic of the best period of a person's work". Vintage is a period of time that we can take ideas from, whether is be the 1700's or the late 1920's. Although, it is important to not only focus on how old something can be when it is 'vintage', but also the quality and detail that is behind each piece. The details are what help bring these trends back to life and create nostalgia for those who desire it. Listed below are just a few of the vintage victories making their way back into the homes, offices, hotels and much more!
- Vintage Wallpaper - Wallpaper alone is a huge design trend right now, but vintage designs are greatly desired. Bringing back the feeling of grandma's house with a slight twist is becoming quite popular. These patterns elicit memories, while still creating such a beautiful space. Some popular patterns include damask, vintage florals, brassiere, and botanicals.
- Clawfoot Bathtubs - Who doesn't love a clawfoot bathtub? These stand alone beauties are making a comeback in bathrooms all over. These pieces are a statement in a bathroom, dress them up with gold or silver legs and hardware or admire simplicity with solid white ceramic & glass all over. These romantic bathtubs don't have to go with an ornate style all the time, they can easily be mixed with transmittal and rustic styles as well.
- Vintage Style Tile - If you are going to add that gorgeous clawfoot tub in your space, why not have a unique vintage style tile as well? From subway tile originating in 1904 to hexagonal & honeycomb from the 1940's, these beauties are making their way into all different styles of bathrooms. You will find these tiles in stark whites, mixed pattern colors and eclectic prints.
- Inspired Chairs - Beautiful curves, attention to detail and statements are all ways to describe a good vintage chair. Updates to vintage designed chairs are becoming quite the trend in homes all over. What we once deemed as old and dated is now circled around our dining room table and placed in our living rooms. Whether painted, stained, upholstered or solid wood, these detailed designs are gaining greater popularity.
When mixing these styles into your home it is important to do it right! Certain vintage elements can be great statements, but it is important for them to blend and not overhaul the space. Contact us today for your design needs | 703-729-2625

Today Show

The world needs you to be the person you are meant to be ... so true and how cute is little crew!!

The home designer opens up about balancing her career with raising five children.

This week's Tuesday trend is the '80's Comeback'! The 80's retro design is inundated with pastels, velvets, vinyl and mod curves. 80's design is an expressive style with bold, luxurious elements and style. 80's designs can be seen mixed into other design styles - adding pieces of art to a space.

Below are some of our favorite elements of this 80's design return.
- Bring on the Pastels - You will find lighter pastels on painted furniture, fabrics, vinyls and more. This colors are used in patterns & prints on all pieces. Modern designs are added to side boards, tables, rugs and everything in between. No more are pastels thought of as juvenile, these colors can make a BOLD statement.
- Vinyls & Leather - Honestly, these two never truly went anywhere, but you will find these materials on more pieces nowadays. Vinyls are being produced more durable & are more cost effective. These materials can be found on chairs, stools & ottomans. When mixed with modern metals they are sure to bring the 80's back.
- Va...Va...Velvets - We once might have thought of velvets as a thing of the past, but they are a trend that is here to stay. Velvets are now being produced as more durable and practical for more homes. The texture exudes luxury and when mixed with the right patterned or printed throw pillows, a velvet sofa is a perfect statement piece for any room.
- Let's See More Curves - You will see larger more modern case pieces with curves & softer edges. Let's think Miami Mod. You'll fall in love with the artistic design and beauty in each piece due to the details. Mixed lighter and darker woods add dimension.
Modern trends can be intimidating and it can be hard to incorporate these styles into your home without a full design scope. It is important to marry these products together so they make a statement, but don't overtake a space. Contact us to help 'Bring the 80's back' into your home.

This week's Tuesday Trend is ARTISAN MADE PRODUCTS. Paying special attention to detail and handmade products is particularly prominent in the interior design world - as it should be! There are so many artisan productions, but there are a few that are easily highlighted due to their craftsmanship & detail.

- Hand Woven - A desired trend right now are hand woven chairs, ottomans & stools. Whether its rattan, bamboo or leather, these pieces are unique in their design and make a statement. It is reassuring to see how a hand made design can withstand daily usage.
- Hand Made Rugs - The art of hand made rugs is an ongoing trend that has stood the test of time. Hand woven rugs, like those of Jaipur Rugs (as pictured) are works of art - the story behind each piece is what makes the rugs unique. Jaipur Rugs employs many women artisans in India, where they recognize their talent & craftsmanship. They also provide education for many through their Alternative Education Program. So remember when purchasing a handmade rug, that you are not only getting a piece of art, you are purchasing a piece that was once in the hands of a true artist.
- Hand Embroidery - From pillows to high quality fabrics, hand embroidery is the epitome of art. When holding a piece of hand embroidered fabric in hand, it is hard not to admire each thread, each color intertwined together to create a pattern or image. Hand embroidery has become a prominent art with companies like Ambella, who seek out top of the line fabrics for their furniture & accessories. These fabrics take each piece of furniture to the next level.
- Hand Forged Lighting - Another favorite of ours is hand forged lighting. Like those pieces of Hubbardton Forge, each piece is molded and made into unique pieces. Made from iron and tough metals, these pieces are sturdy and authentically made. You will find these types of lighting in more & more homes due to the true beauty and statements that they make. Like the rugs, it is important to remember that not only are you paying for a light fixture, you are paying for the craftsmanship, you are paying for the story - which is priceless.

Our company's mission is to highlight true artisan craftsmanship. So this Tuesday Trend is who we are and what we believe it. We believe in absolutely quality over quantity and the appreciation of hand made products. So the next time you make a purchase for your home, as yourself, "Where did this come from? What is it's story?" Don't know where to begin when finding true artisan products? We are here to help. Contact us today - 703-729-2625.

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