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Why are your commercials so blatantly sexist? Why does grilling have to be a mans job? I call bull crap on that. As the woman and professional Chef of the house who is always looking for a bigger better grill, you just lost a potential customer.
This is Holena from ZheJiang Boke company. We are factory direct sale.Our factory is specialized in all kinds of cast aluminum furniture, garden sets,leisure chair, swings, mailbox, dustbin and so on.We have our own advanced production techology and designer. Mostly products are unique in the market. Now it covers 20000 square meters and has more than 200 employees. We are the supplier for Costco and Emerald in USA. We also hope to be the best supplier for yours. Looking forward to your reply:[email protected]
Just want to thank you guys for giving me the Bob to Tom shuffle to get me off the phone a couple of weeks ago. No return call is not good for future business. We have been return customers in the past, but probably not going forward. I had just wanted to discuss the fire pit that we bought for Christmas and used just once only to find the paint bubbling off and rust developing around the rim under the lid. I'm not sure if this is expected, but I would've probably opted for a much less expensive option if I had known that Breeo's Ablaze was going to deteriorate so quickly. Good job in losing a repeat customer.
I'm actually offended by your recent radio commercial, telling me to "satisfy my man's primal need by taking him to your store". First off, as a classically trained chef and pastry chef, I am the one who does all of the cooking in my house, NOT my husband. Why would you think that no woman could handle the heat of a grill? I have worked 15+ hours on a line with out the exhaust hoods working and the guys spent all of their time crying in the walk in while I cooked food for the restaurant. I don't think I'll be shopping at your store until you start selling to both sexes.

Lawn & Leisure offers you the finest quality outdoor furniture, gas & charcoal grills, gas logs, & fireplace products at the lowest prices.

Lawn & Leisure, - your "Suburban Survival Store". Since 1982, we have served the Northern Virginia Maryland Washington DC area with courteous and knowledgeable salespeople.

A Patio Set to Improve Your Rental Property

Do you own a rental property? Consider sprucing it up with a patio set! When your rental property has an outdoor space that can house patio furniture, you can leave the space empty to let a tenant decide what to do or get a patio set to furnish the space on your own. While both options can work, you will find numerous bene

Allow Patio Experts to Beautify Your Backyard

If you're looking for patio furniture, you need to talk to the patio experts! If you want to make your patio the coziest place to be in your home, then you cannot go without the most important part, patio furniture. It is the main component to making a relaxing backyard getaway, but you may have specific wants and needs that turn t

Choosing Deck Furniture for Your Climate and Location

Your location makes a big difference on what patio furniture you need. Click here to learn more!

Four Must-Have Grill Accessories

Looking to take your grilling to the next level? Check out these grill accessories. Grilling is an excellent way to prepare food, but it does require going outside. In order to have the greatest experience, you should invest in fitting outdoor furniture and a high quality grill with features such as multiple burners, cooking grates, plen

Eating Outdoors? Better Choose Your Grill Carefully

Your outdoor grill choice will have a big impact on your future parties. Here's how to pick the right one. Inside your home, you generally have a number of cooking platforms to choose from, ranging from built-in appliances such as a stovetop, oven, and microwave to appliances like a pressure cooker, slow cooker, toaster oven, and more. However, you can enjoy

Tips for Cooking on Backyard Grills

Are you getting the most out of your backyard grill? You will if you follow these tips. Grilling your meat on a barbecue is a tradition for the summertime in America.  When you take proper precautions, you are able to safely barbecue on your backyard grill. And the results are going to be even better than cooking your barbecue in your o

Let Pros Handle Propane Gas Refill

Leave the propane gas refills to the pros. Swing by to get your tanks topped off today! While it isn't grilling season, it'll be on us before you know it. It's a great time to get everything ready for when the time comes and that includes brushing up on propane gas refill safely. Instead of refilling the propane tank on your own, it’s a go

Wicker Outdoor Furniture is New Again

When you think of comfortable outdoor furniture, you're probably thinking of wicker. Click here to learn more about how it's remained a furniture mainstay for so long. Wicker chairs: They're not just for Morticia Addams anymore.  When great-grandma bought furniture for her front porch, it was usually wicker.  Of course, in her day, everyone had a front porch.  Now, most people prefer a deck or a patio, an

Don't Have Enough Appliances for Holiday Cooking? Outdoor Fireplace to the Rescue!

Mix up the routine by adding a new twist to your holiday cooking. Click here to learn how! You’re going to have a record number of people at the house for the holidays this year. You’re carefully planning what has to be cooked the night before and then refrigerated, so you’ll have enough room in the oven for other food that must be co

Create The Space Of Your Dreams with Outdoor Patio Furniture

You spent a lot on your patio and the landscaping to go with it. Now it's time for the finishing touch. Come down to our showroom and browse our enormous selection of high quality outdoor patio furniture! In the spring, fall, and summer, being outside is always a nice luxury. Especially if you have a beautifully landscaped home with a patio, deck, or just a nice outdoor living space, then you need to consider getting outdoor furniture. Nice outdoor

Tips For Choosing Patio Furniture

Looking for new patio furniture? Here are some things to consider. Choosing the right patio furniture can help to ensure that your outdoor space is a fantastic looking area that you will be proud to entertain in for years to come. However, many individuals struggle with deciding what patio furniture to purchase

Complete Your Unfinished Landscape with a Large Patio Furniture Collection

Finally built that patio you've always wanted? Time for the finishing touch. If you have a large, beautiful, and unfinished landscape, you should think about moving on with the final steps, which will allow you to thoroughly enjoy the landscape once it is finished. Once you have taken care of the landscape part of the project, y

Outdoor Grilling: Using Indirect Heat to Cook 'Low and Slow'

Some food is worth waiting for. Here's how you do it correctly, with indirect heat. Typically when you cook food on the outdoor grill, you put it on direct heat, over the gas burners or the burning charcoal, whichever type of grill you like to use. Direct heat grilling is a great way to cook hamburgers, hot dogs, links, steaks, ri

Outdoor Furniture Stores: Get Ready for Autumn

The dog days of summer are here. What better time to start thinking about autumn, when the mercury finally lowers and you can fully enjoy your outdoor spaces. With a partner like Lawn and Leisure, you'll love this autumn. As we embrace the dog days of summer and look forward to the crisp days of autumn, spending time outdoors becomes more enticing than ever. Whether you are happiest working in the garden, creating a gourmet barbecue meal, or relaxing in a lounge chair, y

Renters: How to Make Your Outdoor Living Space Feel Like Home

Even if you're renting, you can still make your outdoor living space feel like home. Come down and see us to find out how! If you rent the home or apartment, you probably don't want to spend a lot of money on improving the outdoor living space. However, this doesn't mean that you can't make your outdoor living area feel like home. These are a few tenant-friendly tips for

How to Handle Your Propane Refills Safely

Follow these steps to keep safe when handling propane refills. Enjoying a barbecue this summer can be such a nice way to spend time with friends and family, but safety needs to your first priority when transporting propane tanks and setting them up near your outdoor grill. In order for the propane refills to be

The Eco-Friendly Lawn

Make your lawn care even more environmentally friendly with these helpful tips. It sounds obvious that your lawn and garden space should be environmentally friendly. After all, isn’t that green space part of the environment? While in one sense, all plants are good for the environment (since they renew our air supply), people make a

Lawn Mower Repair Tasks to Take Care of Before Spring

Now's the time to get your lawn mower ready for spring. Click here for our maintenance tips.   When spring arrives, you’ll no doubt want to make sure your lawn mower is ready to go so that you can begin tackling those outdoor cleanup projects. You don’t have to wait for warmer weather to take care of lawn mower repair, and here are

Protecting Your Deck Furniture in the Winter

Winter can punish deck furniture. Learn how to keep it safe. Winter weather can take a brutal toll on outdoor furniture. Even the best-made deck chairs, tables, couches, etc. can endure havok during the colder months. To protect your furniture from the cold and snow, follow these tips and have your chairs, tables

How to Maintain Your New Gas Grill

Keep your grill working its best with these regular maintenance tips. When you want to set up your backyard for a good time, one item that commonly comes up is a grill. Grilling is a great way to make food fun and an excuse to get together with friends and family. With a grill, you can spend time with loved ones in intimate

4 Reasons to Install an Outdoor Fireplace This Winter

Just because it's winter doesn't mean you can't entertain outdoors. Have a look at our outdoor fireplaces! Winter approaching fast means that, for many people, the season of outdoor parties and entertainment will be coming to an end. This can restrain one’s ability to entertain, particularly large groups of people, as indoor space may not be enough for you

You'll Love a Fireplace

We've got great deals on the best fireplace brands in the industry. Give us a call and find out why we've been trusted by the D.C. area for over 35 years! Adding a fireplace to your outdoor living area has many benefits. A fireplace increases the value of your home and expands your living space, making it a valuable asset. A fireplace is one of the hottest design additions, according to Houzz. Plus, not muc

Get the Most Out of Charcoal Grills

The fine art of grilling over charcoal doesn't have to be intimidating. We've got a few tips that will help even the greenest novices. While the debate comparing charcoal grills with gas grills smolders indefinitely, there is no wrong answer when tender meat cutlets are sizzling to perfection over an outdoor flame. However, for grilling purists, the mystical variabili

11 Reasons We Love Outdoor Fireplaces

There's plenty of great reasons, but you really only need one: s'mores. CONTACT US today | Lawn & Leisure Many of us love the warmth and comfort of a fire on a cool winter night — sitting inside, cozy and content while the thermometer outside creeps ever lower. However, outdoor fireplaces are becoming increasingly popular. There is something very romantic

Comparing outdoor grills? Maximize your value

Learn how to get the best value out of outdoor grills. CALL TODAY to find out more. | Lawn & Leisure Do you find the wide array of outdoor grills on the market bewildering? You want to be fully prepared for your backyard barbeques, but there is quite a wide variety of options to choose from, which can make the process overwhelming. Before you begin decid

Outdoor Furniture Allows Enjoyment of Your Landscape

Enjoy your patio this summer with new outdoor furniture. Give us a CALL TODAY! | Lawn & Leisure You could have the most amazing backyard landscaping, the most beautiful trees and flowers, and the most quaint koi ponds resting in your backyard.  However, none of it will be enjoyed a fraction of the time without outdoor furniture in the correct p

Outdoor Furniture Allows Enjoyment of Your Landscape

Get ready for your next cookout on the patio with new outdoor furniture this summer. CONTACT US today at Lawn & Leisure! You could have the most amazing backyard landscaping, the most beautiful trees and flowers, and the most quaint koi ponds resting in your backyard. However, none of it will be enjoyed a fraction of the time without outdoor furniture in the correct places.

Why Summer is Great to Build an Outdoor Fireplace

Summer is the perfect time to invest in an outdoor fireplace for your backyard. Give us a CALL today and start enjoying more time outside! | Lawn & Leisure Enjoying a fire in one’s fireplace can be an extremely relaxing experience; however, you may not always want to be relegated to the indoors when enjoying a fire. This is where having an outdoor fireplace can be beneficial, as it can create an oasis that

Your Patio Grill Completes Your Outdoor Living Area

A grill will be perfect for your patio this summer. Get outside and CONTACT US today! | Lawn & Leisure The functionality of the outdoor grill has exploded in recent years.  An outdoor grill now has the capabilities to perform almost all of the cooking which an actual indoor kitchen can provide. Take advantage of reclaiming your outdoor area this summ

Top Outdoor Furniture Trends to Watch Out For in 2017

Spruce up your outdoor living this year with new patio furniture! CONTACT US today. | Lawn & Leisure     Selecting outdoor furniture and determining the best arrangement for it can be a challenge, given its hefty aesthetic role. Furniture can define the atmosphere of your outdoor living space and is also crucial to creating an invit

Safety Tips For Summer Grilling

Safety comes first when enjoying your grill this summer. Check out these tips and CONTACT US today for all your outdoor grilling needs! | Lawn & Leisure *The summer is the perfect time to utilize your grill as often as possible.  The pleasant weather turns your grill into useable outdoor space.  Practice caution and remember these tips below to ensure your fun time doesn’t result in any

Tips For Choosing Patio Furniture

Consider quality when selecting your next patio furniture piece. Give us a CALL TODAY at Lawn & Leisure! Choosing the right patio furniture can help to ensure that your outdoor space is a fantastic looking area that you will be proud to entertain in for years to come. However, many individuals struggle with deciding what patio furniture to purchase

Patio Furniture has become Outdoor Living Room Furniture

Need to revamp your patio? Investing in new patio furniture is the perfect option! CONTACT US today. | Lawn & Leisure As the outdoor landscape of a home has developed, so has the patio furniture.  No longer are the same few designs only incorporated through random patterns on chair cushions.  Patio furniture has become regal and elegant, as countless designs

Choosing the Right Furniture for Your Outdoor Space

Choosing the right outdoor furniture can really make or break your backyard. GIVE US A CALL TODAY to let us help you with that decision! | Lawn & Leisure You just had an incredible outdoor fireplace installed. Now you are considering how to proceed with the rest of the exterior design. Outdoor furniture is at the top of your list and you realize it can be overwhelming given all the choices out there. Th

Custom Fireplaces: Ideas for Specialized Designs in Other Rooms of Your Home

Check out why an indoor fireplace will be great for your home! Contact us today. | Lawn & Leisure As we arrive into the thick of winter, wouldn't it be nice to have a custom fireplace in your home? If you haven't thought about doing that yet, it can certainly be done before winter ends. Here at Lawn & Leisure, we can provide numer

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Lawn & Leisure, - your "Suburban Survival Store". Since 1982, we have served the Northern Virginia Maryland Washington DC area with courteous and knowledgeable salespeople!

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