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Dominion Granite & Marble The Washington DC area's premier stone fabricator! Whether you are working on a bathroom vanity or a full kitchen remodel our stone experts will give you their undivided attention and bring years of industry knowledge to your project.

We feel that by educating our customers on the versatility and many creative uses of stone in the home or office that the experience will “sell” itself. None of our sales staff work off of commission and through the use of our sophisticated customer information system all of our staff will be familiar with your project at all times.

Mission: From design conception to installation Dominion Granite and Marble will illustrate the very principles of high quality service and product for which we have become know for in the industry.

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Carter - Typhoon Bordeaux Kitchen

Beautiful Typhoon Bordeaux countertops keeping the space bright, warm and inviting!

Beautiful Typhoon Bordeaux countertops keeping the space bright, warm and inviting!

Dominion Granite & Marble

Love two-toned kitchens as much as we do? Check out this gorgeous look using engineered quartz that mimics the look of natural marble. The perimeter is a more subtle pattern (similar to White Carrara marble), and the island is much more dramatic (similar to Calacatta Gold marble). Interested in achieving a similar look? Call us today, and we'd be happy to over the hundreds of options there are to chose from!

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Another beautiful kitchen done with Cameo Kitchens, Inc.

Project Features: Work Island; Custom Wood Hood; Wood Mullion & Glass Doors; Halogen “Puck” Undercabinet Lights; Valance Style # 1; Furniture Toe Kicks Type “F”;

Cabinets: Honey Brook Custom in Maple Wood with Dove White Paint; Nantucket Beaded Inset Door Style

Countertops: 3cm Mont Blanc Granite, Double Pencil Edge (Kitchen Perimeter) and Ogee Edge (Island)

[03/27/15]   For the third year in a row, Dominion Granite & Marble has received the Super Service Award from Angie's List!

[03/06/15]   Our showroom is OPEN today, March 6th. Come get out of the house and look at the many different options of remnant stones currently in stock!

[03/04/15]   Thinking of using Quartz in your next project? Visit our showroom and explore the many different colors and brands!

[02/18/15]   Thinking of new counters or vanity tops in the spring months? Get a head start now before the schedule fills up! Call or visit us today!

Beautiful White Carrara kitchen with our acid wash treatment.

[11/26/14]   Safe Travels and Happy Thanksgiving from Dominion Granite & Marble!

[11/19/14]   Dominion Granite and Marble will be offering $5 Starbucks gifts cards to those who “Like” and “Follow” us on Twitter and Facebook. E-mail [email protected] afterwards with the subject “RED CUPS” to receive your prize!

Offer ends 12-31-14, Applies ONLY to current clients.

[11/17/14]   Schedule your project before the end of 2014, receive a Free Sink & Stone Cutting Board. Discuss your job with a sales associate today!

19 Enviable Celebrity Kitchens

Need some ideas for your kitchen? Take a look what some celebrities have done in their homes. Where your favorite stars cook, eat, and entertain.

Need a project done before the Holidays? Jobs over 30 sqft finalized before Thanksgiving are eligible for a free sink & stone cutting board. Slots are filling up fast, don't wait to the last minute!

Two tone counter tops or cabinets can create a vibrant contrast for any kitchen or bar area!

Have you been thinking off getting a Farmhouse Sink in your home? You can create a dramatic focal point of your kitchen while having enough space to accommodate stock pots and baking sheets and deep enough to reduce splashing and spills. The Crema Vento stone with the white Farmhouse (pictured) creates a classic look while the giving any avid chef or home cooker the workspace he or she may need while being able to still entertain family and guests.

Have you been wanting new kitchen counters with an overhang for seating? Well look no further, with our Cold Rolled Steel L-brackets you can create a great seating area while also providing the maximum leg room under your counter top. The black powder coding of the brackets will protect from any rust that can occur overtime. Pictured, is an example of a 12" overhang using a White Spring granite for the counters. These brackets are exposed (pre-cap) in the photo to show how they will notch into the wall. Don't let your dream kitchen become a nightmare without the right support!

[06/20/14]   Summer has officially kicked off here at Dominion Granite and we wanted to share some of the projects that we typically work on around this time of the year.
Early Summer:
Outdoor kitchens, bars and barbecue's:
Outdoor entertaining spaces need countertops to be functional and fun. Not all materials are up to the task and it really depends on where it will be installed. Quartz cannot be in direct contact with sunlight, stronger and more crystalline granite is recommended for outdoor kitchens and soapstone is really great for either side of a grill. Certain materials will fair better in lower humidity, higher temperatures, longer exposure to water and survive freeze/thaw cycles better than others. We have installed thousands of outdoor countertops and can guide you in the right direction.
Late Summer:
Basement Bars (aka. man caves)
Watching a game while sitting in you own basement bar can be better than being there in person. These spaces call for low maintenance materials like quartz for functionality and strength. Remember that not all materials will allow for the large overhang required by a bar. Other considerations like support brackets and entry into the home must be taken into account from the very beginning. Basement bars can be awesome projects that provide fun for the whole family. We have seen flat screens, pool tables, air hockey, ping pong, fooseball, skeetball and even slot machines installed in these spaces. Typically husbands can seem more like frat boys when designing these spaces so we always suggest spousal guidance. Although it can be cool to design an entire basement with Redskins burgundy and gold we wouldn't want you to miss out on selling you house in the future to a Cowboys fan..

Thank you everyone for always leaving your online reviews on Google, Yelp and Angieslist. Once again Dominion has been awarded the Angieslist Super service award for the best customer service in the countertop category. If you would like to leave a review please click here:

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Loving my acid washed marble - Kitchens Forum - GardenWeb

I would like to share and email response about the difference between a honed marble and an acid washed marble. Please follow this Gardenweb link: This is the spot to share experiences with remodeling, decorating and maintaining kitchens, like the occasion of last year's flood...

I love when we do a demo and discover things like this. This contractor wanted to make extra sure that this sink never came out. We estimate that 2 tubes of liquid nails were used for this marvel. It took one wack with a rubber mallet to dislodge this sink. So much for over engineering…….

With homage to Office Space

Kicking off another fun spring season here at Dominion Granite. Sometimes when office equipment fails industrial equipment prevails. With homage to Office Space enjoy the destruction of Carl’s Printer at the hands of the 20hp granite saw.

We love old log homes with Soapstone Countertops. The quirky angles and bumps make them fun. Here is a picture from an installation this week in The Plains. This was a challenging measure and install, as the stove and stairs could not move during the process...

Black Marinace is a material that you either love or hate. I think this kitchen deserves a little love. Bold stones in modern settings have a tendency to look great. What do you guys think?

[11/08/11]   We have three slots left before Thanksgiving 2011 and December is filling up quickly. Did you know that statistically granite counters will impress in-laws more than any other home improvement you could possibly do. Call us today and avoid another comment like: “you know your sister has one of those gourmet kitchens, who can blame her with all that money her husband makes…. ”

These brackets were mounted to studs then covered with white mdf cover plates. This type of design yields a cleaner look while also managing to reduce bruises on your knees typically associated with traditional wood corbels. This bracket can also be used on the back side of finished cabinetry.
We stock and install these brackets and covers.

Back in the day when designers were going to incorporate a large overhang on a granite countertop they were limited to bulky decorative corbels. Our solution to this issue was developed about 7 years ago and has since become a standard option. We use a 10”x10”x2” cold rolled steel L bracket which is mounted directly to studs. In the next photo you will see how this is achieved in a day without new plaster or paint work.

DuPont™ StoneTech® Professional Products

Some people will find and use countertop polish at the grocery store or home improvement store. Countertop polish typically consists of either more polyurethane or organic waxes derived from bees wax or plant oils. Using these products will temporarily bring back the shine but will ultimately harm your countertop. So how do you bring the shine back? If you countertop has been treated with an impregnator you simply need to clean it with a Ph neutral soap and water. More often than not kitchen surfaces will develop a build up of grime from daily use. Using a micro fiber cloth will help pull this material off of you counter and should help speed up the process. If you counter has been impregnated this is the only thing you will need to do. Do not use “polish” from the store or any other product that claims to bring back the shine of the counter. What if my counter has been treated with a topical sealer? Unless you want to get into a habit of resealing every 6-12 months we typically recommend stripping off the topical sealer and treating your counter with an impregnator. The process costs around $400 but will save you untold hours of labor trying to clean your counter unsuccessfully. Once a counter has been stripped and impregnated no additional work needs to be done. There are good cleaning products on the market which will cut away the kitchen grime without compromising the countertop underneath. Stonetech makes a series of great products that were developed by the granite countertop industry specifically formulated to protect and clean natural stone. Information can be found here:
In closing I would like to say that there is a lot of bad information that has been floating around the internet and home magazines for years. We always try to educate our customers with information that is accurate and verifiable. Please visit the Marble Institute of America’s web site and read the article on sealing if you would like to further research this post at:

Austin DuPont™ StoneTech® Professional Products

[08/23/11]   Dominion Granite and Marble is now the areas foremost earthquake countertop repair company. With over 1 hour of experience we can tell you definitively that we are the finest firm for east coast earthquake countertop repair. Please call us today for your free consultation. And remember 2012 is just around the corner...

[08/23/11]   If your seams have separated for any reason. (Like I don't know because of a friggin earthquake.) We would be happy to come out and repair your countertops. :)

It's been a Crema Bordeaux kinda month. Today we installed 130 beautiful square feet of granite in this kitchen. The material was book matched which allowed us to do some really nice transitions on the backsplash. What I do not like is that we are often required to insert little 4" backsplashes on side panels like the one pointed out above. The reason that these exist is that when builders are installing laminate they try to use as many backsplashes as possible to cover up their mistakes. The side effect of this is that when we remove a laminate top the side sections that butt up against cabinet panels have big "dots' of construction adhesive that get left behind. We in turn need to cover these up with little backsplashes. Any attempts in the past to cover this up with wood by contractors has failed. Does anyone out there have any suggestions?

Installed 57" x 113" island with a single bowl sink. If other granite companies say they can't do pieces this big it because they are little girly boys..

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With homage to Office Space



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